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With us, you are part of a team and a link in a strong chain! We connect teams with teams, cargo owners and charterers, suppliers and customers. But above all, we connect sea and land. Because we believe that the best way to transport goods is by sea. The wave is the way.

Welcome aboard with us!

Maria Fäldt is the photographer behind our fantastic employee photos.

"A varied job and always a sea view!"

Meet our coworkers

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Open positions

The future is already here and we need you!
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Apllication date

Hamnarbetare Skellefteå, tillsvidare med provanställning 6 månader


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Did you not find any suitable position? Do not worry. Send us a spontaneous application instead. We search for new employees continuously.


Innovation - We encourage and are open to trying new ideas. We seek improvement in everything we do.

Caring - We look after and care for others in a considerate, respectful and helpful way.

Responsibility - We take ownership of our tasks with a sense of urgency and drive, comply with what is agreed and strive to go the extra mile.

Your benefits with us

Wellness - We offer 4000 SEK in wellness allowance where you choose what to use it for, according to the Swedish Tax Agency's rules of course. Do you want to participate in a running race? Then you can apply for compensation for the starting fee. Go for it!

Occupational health care - It is important to us that everyone feels good! You are offered a health check-up every five years and every three years if you are over 50. If necessary, relevant occupational health care is also available. Of course, you will also receive work-related medical checks.

Preferential bicycle - Although we mostly drive large machines, we think cycling is a fantastic way to get around. We cooperate with Bikelease, which gives you the opportunity to buy a bicycle against gross salary deductions.

Cottage in the mountains - Maybe you want a break from the sea view at work? We have our own cabins in Jäckvik and Ammarnäs that everyone can rent. Bring the family and enjoy the mountain air.

Insurances - We co-operate with Söderberg and Partner in insurance matters and want to share this security with you. You can apply for group motor insurance and group insurance with them at favourable prices.

Fuel agreement - We are major customers at Skoogs fuel and then you can also be a major customer. Apply for a fuel card at Skoogs Bränsle at the same major customer agreement that we have.

Working glasses - Do you need glasses to be able to work? We can provide you with terminal glasses and prescription safety glasses. We also offer a general subsidy for glasses and also laser eye treatment against gross salary deductions.

Sandwich and fruit - We want you to have energy throughout the day! Therefore, we offer a simple sandwich for the morning snack and fruit during the day. As well as coffee and tea of course.

Charge your electric car - We are constantly developing the possibilities for electrification. In Piteå you can charge your electric car free of charge and it is underway at the other locations where we operate.

Collective agreement - Is a matter of course with us! Feels really strange to mention, but apparently there are industries where it is not as obvious.

Skills development - With us, the job varies a lot, you drive different machines and can have several different tasks. Therefore, we provide good opportunities for skills development so that you can utilise all your skills and perhaps develop new ones.

Hotel - A short holiday trip? We have an agreement with Strawberry hotel so you can book accommodation at a discounted rate.

Health and safety policy

The ShoreLink Group works actively for a good and safe working environment. The work environment work covers all activities and the employee's total work situation where both physical, mental and social aspects are taken into account. The goal is to create a workplace that is perceived as safe and stimulating for all employees.