Port of Skellefteå

The most common goods types in Skellefteå are bulk goods and forest products. The bulk goods mainly consist of raw materials and finished products to and from the Rönnskärsverken smelter. Skelleftehamn mostly handles forest products such as wood pellets, chipping, wood fuel and solid-wood products. Scrap metal is also handled in Skelleftehamn and there are separate quays for chemical products, petroleum products and cement. The most common destination for outgoing forest products is The United Kingdom. There is also a significant terminal operation in Skelleftehamn, involving loading and unloading of sawn timber, containers, machinery and general cargo to and from trucks and trains. In addition to its railway connection, the port is also well connected to the main highway system E4 (north/southbound) and Highway 95 (westbound.)


· Year-round traffic: Yes
· Annual turnover: approx. 1.7 million metric tons
· Number of calls: approx. 300
· Number of quays: 5
· Dry cargo quay: 893 meters
· Oil quay: 180 meters
· Depth: 4.5 – 12.5 metres RoRo-berths: 1
· Crane capacity: One 100 ton mobile crane on wheels, two jib cranes, 15 and 13 tons respectively, and two cranes on rail, 10 and 30 tons respectively.*
· Warehouse space: 7,100 m2
· Asphalted outdoor storage space: 25,000 m2
· Railroad tracks: 2

*Joint lifting gives higher lifting capacity