Port of Piteå

The port of Piteå, situated 12 kilometres southeast of Piteå is a modern port with high capacity for goods storage as well as storage. Operations at the port mainly involve handling forest products such as kraftliner and paper pulp which is being exported chiefly to Germany, the Netherlands and England. Scheduled weekly transportation ensure timely delivery to the buyers of the products. Other important goods types are solid wood products. Most customers are located in Central and Southern Europe, as well as North Africa. Pulpwood and chip, mainly from the Baltics, is dominant among the incoming goods types. The port is equipped with multi-purpose cranes for loading/unloading of forest products, bulk goods, container management and project cargo.


·  Year-round traffic: Yes
·  Annual turnover: approx. 1.8 million metric tons
·  Number of calls: approx. 300
·  Number of quays: 2
·  Dry bulk and general cargo quay: 580 metres
 Oil quay: 60 metres
·  Allowed depth: 11.5 metres (at average water level)
·  Double Ro-Ro berths
·  Crane capacity: 4 jib cranes and 2 harbour cranes 
with a capacity of 100 metric tons + 65 metric tons.*
·  Warehouse space for general cargo: 46,000 m2
·  Warehouse space for sawn timber: 13,500 m2
·  Warehouse space for chemical products (dry): 1,800 m2
·  Storage capacity for petroleum products: 300,000 m2
·  Storage capacity for propane: 100,000 m2
·  Outside storage area: 330,000 m2 whereof 200,000 m2
are asphalted. 
·  Railroad tracks: 3

*Joint lifting gives higher lifting capacity