The port of Luleå, one of the five largest ports of Sweden, has an annual turnover of about 8.5 million metric tons of goods. The port consists of five divisions; three public quays and two industrial quays. The public quays are Victoria Harbour, for dry goods, Uddebo, for liquid products and Svartön, berthing place for cruise ships and the state-owned icebreakers. The industrial quays are Cementa’s installation for unloading of cement and LKAB’s ore shipping quay at Sandskär, Malmhamnen.


· Year-round traffic: Yes
· Annual turnover: approx. 8.5 million metric tons
· Number of calls: approx. 600
· Number of quays: 5
· Total quay length 1,700 meters
· Depth: 12.1 metres
· Ramps and RoRo-berths: 1
· Crane capacity: 35-40 metric tons*
· Ship loader for iron ore: 1
· Outdoor storage area: 150,000 m2 whereof 70,000 m2 asphalted
· Indoor storage for general cargo/bulk = 4 warehouses/tents totalling   16,000 m2
· Railroad tracks: 2

*Joint lifting gives higher lifting capacity

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