Our ship agents take care of everything you need for an efficient port call. With extensive experience, innovation and a high level of service, we solve any situations that may arise. We are on site in the ports of Kalix, Luleå, Piteå, Skellefteå. That's why we work quickly and easily with the port company for orders and planning for each call.

Examples of services we provide to our vessels

  • Ordering loading and/or unloading of goods
  • Ship's documentation to authorities
  • Signing on and off
  • Orders pilots and tugboats
  • Orders repairs, spare parts and supplies for the ship.

We can help you in any port you call. At present, we are agents in the following ports/quays. 

Kalix - Kommunkajen, Billerud's industrial quay

Luleå - Victoria Harbour, Uddebo Energy Port, Cementa

Piteå - Haraholmen, Munksund

Skellefteå - Skelleftehamn, Rönnskär, Rönnskärsverken, Oljekajen and Siporexkajen.