ShoreLink operates at the ports in Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå and Kalix. These are connected to a highly developed road and railway infrastructure. Each year, we handle 5 million metric tons of goods in the ports. Choose a port below for a more detailed description.

Port of Kalix

Paper pulp is the most important type of goods shipping from Kalix. Smaller quantities of sack and kraft paper are also shipped from here. The most common destinations for shipped goods are Norther...

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Port of Luleå

The port of Luleå, one of the five largest ports of Sweden, has an annual turnover of about 8.5 million metric tons of goods. The port consists of five divisions; three public quays and two industr...

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Port of Piteå

The port of Piteå, situated 12 kilometres southeast of Piteå is a modern port with high capacity for goods storage as well as storage. Operations at the port mainly involve handling forest products...

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Trävaror Pite

Port of Skellefteå

The most common goods types in Skellefteå are bulk goods and forest products. The bulk goods mainly consist of raw materials and finished products to and from the Rönnskärsverken smelter. Skellefte...

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Skelleftehamn sågade trävaror